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Mira Laime
Hi, I'd like to modify the top navigations. Could please allow me to do that? Thanks!
Admins can change what is shown in the navigation via this page:

How that works is explained here:

Outside of that though, customization of the wiki's headers is not allowed per FANDOM's customization policy:
Wiki-navigation Survival Island Wikia
Thanks for the speedy reply! But I don't seem to have the admin rights. Could you please let me be an admin? I am an admin for other wikia. I won't mess it up. I promise!
Staff don't usually give out admin rights. If you want to be one, first check who the current admin is and ask them if they'd be willing to promote you. You can do that here: . If they don't respond, there isn't really anything you can do.

If they haven't been active in two months or longer (no edits at all on the wiki), then this wiki counts as abandoned and you might be able to adopt it! How that gives you admin rights, you can read here:
Adoption Survival Island Wikia
Thanks a lot!
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