Wooden Knife

Wooden Knife

Wooden Knife is the first tool you obtain on the island.


Make with 10 x Tree Branch.


Source Product
Rabbit Meat 1x Raw Steak
Chicken Meat 2x Raw Steak
Sheep Meat 2x Raw Steak, 1x Sheep Intestines
Boar Meat 5x Raw Steak
Lion Meat 10x Raw Steak
Onion 1x Sliced Onion
Clam 1x Clam Shell
Pearl Shell 1x Pearl, 1x Beautiful Shell
Sardine 1x Fillet of Fish, 1x Fishbone
Flatfish 2x Fillet of Fish, 2x Fishbone
Sea Bream 3x Fillet of Fish, 3x Fishbone
Tuna 4x Fillet of Fish, 4x Fishbone
Squid 5x Fillet of Fish, 5x Fishbone

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